High-end capsule manufacturing is affordable at Orchard Vale Naturals. Our capsule manufacturing process lets you customize the size, appearance and encapsulation material of your product.

As an experienced capsule manufacturer, we understand the importance of selling unique products; that's why our team of professionals are trained to guide you towards the right encapsulation for your formula. If you'd like to request a quote for capsule manufacturing services, you may click the link below or give us a call at 1-800-894-0551.


Our softgel manufacturing service provides the ability to create a unique dietary supplement by offering customization of the colour, shape, size and coating of your softgel supplement. Orchard Vale Naturals team of specialists will work directly with you to formulate and price your product. Clients love our softgel manufacturing service because it is flexibility, affordability, and low order minimums.

Consumers typically enjoy softgels because of their smooth texture which makes them easy-to-swallow. A softgel shell holds your nutritional formula in liquid form. The consensus throughout the industry is that under normal circumstances, the human body will absorb more nutrients from a dietary supplement, orally ingested in softgel form, in comparison to tablets or hard shell capsules. This advantage is particularly beneficial if your formula contains ingredients that are challenging for the body to absorb. Softgels are inherently easier to market for the above reasons.

Your softgels can be manufactured in your choice of multiple different shapes, sizes and shell colours. The shell can be made transparent, tinted with the colour of your choice or opaque if needed. Softgels can be scented to mask ingredient odours, such as fish oils. Your softgel can be manufactured with an enteric coating, which is preferred for formulas that must be absorbed in the small intestines. Some softgels can even be designed as chewables with flavoured liquid inside.

The secret to successfully manufacturing powder supplements is two-part: your product must taste delicious and have nutritionally superior supplement facts. Whether you want to manufacture a bodybuilding, weight loss or meal replacement powder, you'll want the flavour experts at Orchard Vale Naturals on your side.

Our team of experts understand how the ingredients within your powder formula can affect the taste and are able to recommend a blend of enhancements that will improve the overall flavour of your product.

Ingredient freshness and consistency are critical in powder supplements. Customers can taste the difference between fresh and stale products. Although shelf life and expiration labelling may be able to help you prevent taste issues after your powder is manufactured, the age of the ingredients when your powder is sealed will determine how good your product can possibly taste.