Health Canada Regulatory Consultant

GNHP Consulting

In Canada a Natural Products Number (NPN) is required in order to sell a health product regardless of whether the product is being manufactured in Canada or being imported into Canada. In addition, a site licence is also required for the physical site in Canada where anyone (business or individual) wishes to manufacture, package, label, and/or import Natural Health Products (NHP) for sale.


Any person (business or individual) that brings a finished natural health product into Canada for the purpose of sale is considered to be an importer. The importer requires a site licence and must be compliant with all the GMP requirements relating to the site licence. This includes those that ship a product directly to the retailer without first storing the product. Retailers selling products that they themselves have imported are considered the importer and, therefore, require a site licence and, must be compliant with all the GMP requirements relating to their site licence.

Whatever your model is, the team at Orchard Vale Naturals is here to help you comply with product and site licencing requirements.

Product Formulations: Have you always wanted to create a unique product that you can bring to market? We can guide you through the process from theoretical product development and formulation through regulatory assessment to final product formulation and development.

Coordination of Analytical Lab Tests: We can save you money by finding you a reliable lab, determining at what stage and what tests are required for your product to comply before they are sent to market.

NPN Applications / Registry: Do you have a product that requires registration or regulatory approval before it is sent to market or want to investigate the safety, efficacy or health claim potential of your ingredients? Our nutritional experts will work with you to provide the appropriate regulatory solutions.

GMP Site licencing, maintenance & training: Do what you love and let us take care of your GMP licencing, monitoring and training. We provide GMP site licensing & services for manufacturers, packagers, labellers and importers of NHP’s into Canada.