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Our manufacturing process lets you customize the size, appearance and formats such as capsules, tablets, softgels, and liquids. We can develop your line of supplements the way you want it.
As an experienced contract manufacturer, we understand the importance of selling unique products. That's why our team of professionals are trained to guide you towards the right materials for your formula. We are constantly involved in research and development to find better formulas and higher quality ingredients to have a greater impact on the end users. We work with respectable labs from around the globe to offer high quality ingredients that are verified with every batch produced.
Our team’s equipment are ideal for small to large product batches, using capsules of any and all sizes. The machines in this process can count any number of pills, capsules or soft gels in bottle sizes ranging from 50 ml to 1 litre. Labels can be stamped with the appropriate lot number and expiry date.
OVN performs custom blending to client specifications. Services include quality control testing, non-disclosure agreements and laboratory support. The secret to successfully manufacturing powder supplements is two-part: your product must taste delicious and have nutritionally superior supplement facts. Whether you want to manufacture bodybuilding, weight loss or meal replacement powder, we can help.
Ultimately trying to achieve a plan into the future much farther than we can see now. This will definitely be much easier on production scheduling and scheduling payments. Giving you more time to focus on other projects and/or future products. We would know when things need to be purchased based on a pre scheduled plan between us and you, giving a clearer idea of where we would need to fill voids and be able to plan around any obstacles that we may occur, ie; shipping, sourcing issues, supplier shortages, etc…
When you are looking to add certified Health Canada-licensed products to your own brand, our team can help you prepare your product application licenses Natural Product Number (NPN). We can help by guiding you through each step of the process, from formulation to pilot batches and packaging. You benefit from OVN’s formulation experience and knowledge to avoid costly trial and error.
First time, every time – for superior product quality. As always, we provide manufacturers’ analyses of every ingredient we source. From there, we will also have each lot tested by an independent Canadian laboratory and warehoused at our premises. As a result, you have the assurance of always having the same lot of certified-quality ingredients – reserved exclusively for you and ready to ship as needed.

Private Label

We can help you source everything you need to manufacture and sell your line of private label supplements. Get your supplements manufactured, bottled, labeled, packaged and shipped all from one place to save your company time and money today.

Our Private label production opportunities offer you the chance to create products in a variety of formulas.

Our full line of private label supplements give our customers the ability to create their own custom formulations, through our contract manufacturing services. We are set up to help you create your custom formula in capsule, tablet or powder form.

Bottling Options

When private labeling supplements and building your company’s brand it is important for your products to stand out from your competition.

When you private label with OVN you will be able to choose over 70 different bottling options.

Stock Formula

Our stock formulas are the perfect solution for businesses wishing to bring well-recognized formulas to market. We carry over 250 high-quality formulas encompassing a broad spectrum of health & wellness niches, and best of all, the product pricing is affordable.

The minimum order quantity of our stock formulas can be as low as 250 units, making them the perfect pilot program for your business. If you are interested in learning more about our stock formulas or requesting a quote you may fill out the information form at the bottom of the page.

Our stock formula service simplifies the creation of your dietary supplement. Once you've identified a stock formula you would like to create, you'll need to supply us with a finalized label design file. If you do not have a label design, our art department can create one for you.



Packaging & Label Design

Good packaging design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s also about the customers’ experience getting into the product, the materials they interact with and the warnings they must read before consumption

We take care of all aspects of packaging and label design for nutritional supplements including; visual, tactile, custom and sustainable packaging, and label layout. We understand the importance of developing your brand's identity to stand out from the competition. Our designers take pride in delivering the right look for your brand.

It is advised that all product labels be reviewed by an attorney specializing in health Canada and FDA law for nutraceuticals. Our team is up to date on all of the latest Health Canada labelling regulations for dietary supplements; typography and font sizes, the minimum required information, prioritization of information, directions & warnings, and ingredient formatting.

We can help you from sourcing to your end user. We are a one stop shop sourcing everything you need to manufacture and sell your line of private label supplements, with the goal of saving you time and money.

  • Sports Nutrition Supplements
  • Weight Loss Supplements
  • Hair & Beauty Products
  • Vitamin Supplements
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Pet Supplements

Our full line of private label supplements gives you the ability to create your own custom supplement formulations, ranging from blended mixes, capsules, tablets, soft gels, and liquids.


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