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Warehousing and Fulfillment

With our order fulfillment services, you won’t need to worry about where to store your inventory or if your customer’s orders were shipped properly. We'll do it all for you! All you have to do is find buyers for your product and collect payment for your product. You get all the benefits of selling your own products without the hassle, allowing you to maximize your revenue.

Your supplement business needs a capable order fulfillment provider that can effectively ship orders and meet the demands of your customers. There’s much more to order fulfillment than packing a box and shipping it out.

A successful vitamin and supplement business must safely warehouse its inventory and have quality packing materials on hand, prepare pick lists, shipping labels, order receipts, inserts and other instructional documentation as needed. Your order fulfillment provider should have the right mix of carriers and dynamically select the method of transit based on delivery time and cost. They should schedule and process order data according to the anticipated order volume and carrier pickup times. Your order fulfillment centre needs to keep close tabs on your product inventory and alert managers in order to help prevent out-of-stock product.

Fulfillment with us makes sense

Our fulfillment experts realize the above considerations directly translate into dollars saved, they will listen to your requirements and make recommendations that work for your business. And since we’re your supplement manufacturer, there is no cost to ship product from the lab to the warehouse.

We've got your Warehousing & Fulfillment needs covered!

Our vitamin and supplement fulfillment capabilities are incredible! The level of service that we bring makes high-volume business opportunities possible for you and your brand. Our fulfilment service reduces your costs because it is constantly shopping for the lowest shipper rates.


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